The Ghost Corps

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Ghost Corps ran in the 1930’s and was a mystery/horror show that featured K.C. Smith, who was trained to handle any fiend in the Middle East. He is disguised in the clothes of the Middle Easterners so he can get the jump on any potential illegal activities. The Ghost Corps were a mystery shrouded organization of freelance diplomats operating throughout the Far East.


Season 1 Knives of El Malek

“K. C.” tries to prevent a “Jihad” or Arab holy war. A story of free  lance diplomacy, intrigue, and mystery in the far East. A street fight  in the native quarter of Aswan complicates a deceitful mission.  Disguise and discovery with Ameers, beautiful dancer in the coffee  house of Jacob! Four against two in the chamber of El Malique.  The vanishing Star of Mohammed, and the diabolical Chair of  El Malique. Trapped in a filthy dungeon with the head of a former
“Ghost Corps” man, while the room fills with poison gas! Recaptured  and imprisoned on The Island of Elephants. “An Eye For An Eye,”  almost literally. Escape, but a terrible death for a Sueleman!  Escape again across the underground river. Trapped in a tomb with  that classic serial peril…walls that slowly crush together! A  ventriloquist’s trick makes dummies of the men of El Malique.  The end of “The Feast of The Jackals.”



Season 2 Prayer Rug of Nana Sieb

A carpet of unusual value. The legend of the rug…hidden treasure in India  to those who can read its secrets. A Chinese imposter, double intrigue.  Ram Das and K. C. are both flying to Kathmandu and trouble. The bite of  the Cobra is indeed deadly. En route to the hidden city of Kundra.  Ranee Lakshiminee puts K. C. through the “Ordeal Of The Cobra and  The Sacred Bowl.” Ram Das’ evil highest priest is exposed, but flees to claim  the treasure. Into “The Cave Of A Thousand Winds,” and the loaded guns of  Ram Das! Ram Das runs into the guns of Lakshiminee…shots rings out!  Beautiful Lakshiminee, prisoner of the evil Ram Das! Bargaining within  “The Cave Of A Thousand Winds.” The end of Ram Das. “Let Us Be Silent  Lest We Hear The Whisper Of The Gods.”


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