The Sealed Book

Written by  on September 17, 2014 

This Mutual entry in the horror and mystery genre was far from the best remembered, such as Suspense, Quiet Please, and Inner Sanctum. But The Sealed Book offers a glimpse into a dusty archive that serves as a reminder that comics and was roasted at the stake of public opinion in the mid-50s, grew into print from just such gnarled roots as these old time radio macabre shows.

The Sealed Book Philip Clarkebegins with a classic intro, in which when gonged,we are escorted by the tuxedoed announcer with unseen organist as the keeper of the book opens the ponderous, albeit squeaky door “to the secret vault wherein is kept the great sealed book, in which is recorded all the secrets and mysteries of mankind through the ages, Here are tales of every kind, tales of murder, of madness, of dark deeds strange and terrible beyond all belief.”

Dare we go on? “Keeper of the book, I would know what tale we tell this time. Open the Great Book and let us read. [Slowly the great book opens].” Organ crescendo. “One by one, the Keeper of the Book turns the pages. (Sound of pages turning) “And stops”

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