Tarzan of the Apes

Written by  on September 24, 2014 

Tarzan was the brain child of American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, who after having had several failed attempts at penetrating the pulp fiction scene finally made a name for himself with this jungle fantasy adventure. In 1932, the novel was adapted into a radio program that starred James Pierce as the infamous lord of the jungle, Tarzan. Coincidentally, Burroughs’ daughter Joan who happened to be Pierce’s wife also played Tarzan’s love interest, Jane. The show was an overnight success and captured a staggering number of listeners. This old time radio program was broken into three parts. Tarzan of the Apes was the first installment in the series and narrated his history and background. In 1934, Carton KaDell portrayed Tarzan in the second series, Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher. The third and final arc was serialized in 1936 entitled: The Fires of Toth. Due to its mass appeal, this old radio show was later revived in 1951 and enjoyed air time until 1952, with Lamont Johnson breathing life into the character of Tarzan once again. The political views deeply entrenched within the story allowed Tarzan to carve a place in the golden age of radio as a unique and terrifyingly original series. A world of danger and thrills await you deep in the forests of Africa, enjoy Tarzan!

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