The Clock

Written by  on September 17, 2014 

“The Clock,” was a 30 minute Australian-made suspense-mystery series, written by Lawrence Klee & narrated by ‘The Clock’ (aka: Father Time).

The Story settings were usually generic & Australian actors attempted to speak in a more neutral accent, in the hope that their program could be sold to Great Britain or the U.S.A.

Occasionally writers slipped up on a word or two – ie: using ‘boot’ instead of ‘trunk’ when referring to a car.

The show was eventually picked-up by the ABC network in the States, 1st U.S.A. broadcast was November 1946  syndication by Grace Gibson Syndication.

At the end of the first 15 month series run, production in the States was continued for an additional 13 week run; this time using an All-American cast & crew (actors, directors, musicians, etc).

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