Exploring Tomorrow

Written by  on September 22, 2014 

Exploring Tomorrow was hosted by John Campbell, the editor of Astounding Science Fiction Magazine, and later, Analog Magazine. He was also a science fiction writer himself, and penned the short story, Who Goes There?, which was later made into the 1950s classic monster movie, The Thing. So Campbell certainly had the Sci-Fi credentials . Exploring Tomorrow was billed as “The first science fiction radio show of science-fictioneers, by science-fictioneers, for science-fictioneers.” Each week, Campbell would open and close the story by making philosophical observations about how the technology featured in that night’s story might affect mankind. These serious comments were meant to be deep and thoughtful, but the effect was undercut by the choice of elevator background music. (Like a Musak rendition of “As Time Goes By,” complete with muted trumpet and syrupy violins.) It leaves the impression that this is a series that takes itself way too seriously! Yet despite this one rather dated aspect, the program is still quite enjoyable to listen to. It comes across as a poor man’s version of X Minus One. Science fiction fans will find it fun exploring yesterday’s vision of the future by Exploring Tomorrow!

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